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31.03.2019  at  20.00 h
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L'Oud whispers reflect our daily contradiction as musicians as we try to make the sound of our music louder than the sound of war. The project features a branch of compositions written for the Oud by Syrian Oud virtuoso Mohannad Nasser. The compositions have been written in Lebanon and reflect the journey of the composer between Damascus and Beirut while looking for relative safety. The album received the laboratory Art grant from Ettijahat Independent culture. And has been performing in several stages and festivals around the world.
Syrian Oudist, Composer and Educator, Mohannad Nasser, Mohannad Nasser has emerged as an innovative and creative musician with expertise in many fields. Performing, Music Production and education. His Compositions has been described by audiences as "delicate, serene and magical" Mohannad is currently completing a Master Degree in "Contemporary Performance" Production concentration at the Berklee College of Music in Spain.
He has previously based in Lebanon recording an album with OUMI ensemble released in October 2017. Beside that he recorded his Oud project "L'Oud whispers".
In Syria 2015. Mohannad -as most of the Syrian Artist- was facing a hard time and daily danger because of the international conflict going on there. Despite the war he graduated from the Higher Institute of Music in Damascus with a very good rate.
After his move to Lebanon, Mohannad was an active educator with several organizations providing music classes for the refugee's children in several camps. This inspiring experience made him thrilled to encourage the next generation of musicians to find their voices. Mohannad received several prizes at international Oud competitions such as Certhage Festival in Tunisia, Katara Festival in Qatar. Besides his studies now at Berklee College of Music he is performing in several music festivals. and preparing for new projects.

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