TRIO BECEL- Takemitsu, Currier, Bax et Debussy
02.03.2017  at  20.00 h
Contemporary classical music
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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TRIO BECEL- Takemitsu, Currier, Bax et Debussy


"T.E.A. for three, Infusion d'une sonate"

Martina Antognozzi, harpist
Gergely Kota, violist
Léonore Frommlet, flutist

The Becel Trio formed in Brussels in 2016 and its members represent the heterogeneous character of the belgian capital. Italy, Hungary and France mix their colorful tones in an attempt to share their musical culture. When brought together, these colors are a subtle reminder of the multicultural singularity of Belgium.
The trio gathers around the passion of a shared and lively classical music. The demanding nature of their work, the precision of their gesture and the deep meaning of their musical ideas are a testimony of their seriousness and humanity. Not to mention a visible friendship with a hint of humor… and a knob of the best Becel butter.

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