DUO 'METHI'- Mediterranean
12.04.2017  at  20.00 h
Mediterranean, Entehno
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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DUO 'METHI'- Mediterranean


Stefanos Sekeroglou,violin
Yiannis Efstathopoulos,guitar

Duo Methi performs Mediterranean melodies filtrated by the improvisation of Stefanos Sekeroglou on the violin and Yiannis Efstathopoulos on the guitar. Sentimental melodies and expressive rhythms coming from Greece, Turkey, Spain and Serbia blend in a concert with a duo that is connected by a long friendship. Stefanos and Yiannis met each other during their music studies in Thessaloniki and they have been playing and experimenting on several kinds of music for more than ten years. A very special atmosphere and personal sound inspired by the flamenco, balkan, the east and music of their country, Greece.

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