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19.05.2019  at  13.00 h - 16.30 h


Explore the modal system of makam through the practice of singing!

Μakam, is the modal system which is used in the Ottoman (Classical Turkish) musical tradition from the 16th century. Starting with a brief historical and social review, we will try to understand the way that this system is structured as well as the basic elements that it consists of. Intervals, modes, ornaments and stylistic elements will be described in a both theoretical and practical level.
As the voice is a point of reference for the musical system of the makam, this workshop focuses on the modal system of makam through the ottoman classical singing repertoire. Breathing and singing techniques will be also mentioned. Very close to the voice is the sound of the ney, an end-blown reed flute. The practice of the ney is related with the ceremonies of the Sufi order of Mevlevi and is one of the most important representative instruments of the ottoman musical tradition. The performing style of the ney is a reference for the modal system of makam.

The workshop is beneficial to both singers and instrumentalists.
In the old times, as we talk about an oral tradition, it was important for the instrumentalists to be able to vocalize the repertoire and the ornaments in order to play them on the instruments.

Improvisation! The pinnacle of the makam musical tradition!
The concept of the form taksim as well as improvisational techniques and methods will be described.

The workshop is given by Duygu Alkan (voice) and Andriana Petala (ney).
They are both master students at Codarts (University of the Arts, Rotterdam) in the Turkish Department. Their master studies are in the Classical Ottoman music and their research topic is about phrasing and ornamentation in the classical form of taksim (modal improvisation) and gazel (vocal improvisation).

Themes of the workshop: Makam, history, theory, intervals, ornamentation,
stylistic elements, singing techniques, improvisation

Participant Level: All levels are welcome
Languages: English, Turkish, Greek

Workshop teachers: Duygu Alkan (voice), Andriana Achitzanova (ney)

Duration: 3,5 hours. Individual Price* 30 euros. Min. participation 3 pp, max. participation 20 pp.

Contact & Registration: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it +31630983185

*For those who will attend to the concert, the price for both workshop and concert is 35 euros.

Art Base, Sunday 19/5/19 13h, 30€, 29 rue des Sables Zandstraat,
1000 Bruxelles

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