Manuel Hermia - Murmure de l'Orient
26.09.2008  at  21.00 h
Indian bansuri, traditional flute
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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Manuel Hermia - Murmure de l'Orient


Originally a saxophone player and an explorer of various music combinations(Slang, Feria Musica), Manuel Hermia went to India and fell in love with...a flute: the bansuri.

In his project ‘Le Murmure de l’Orient’ he performs with two other musicians. His playing plunges the audience in an interior universe of profound calmness. The compositions are based on Indian ragas, but choose their own direction, thus giving a personal view of Indian music. The bansuri finds its freedom in smallness, in a return to the essence, in the grains of sound. It is music that reconquers time.


Musiciens : Manuel Hermia (bansuri), Barbara Wiernik (chant), Fabrice Colet (tablas, mridangam)

Listen to some music sample :

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