SILVIA PLATZER - BEYOND installation and performances
15.03.2010 - 18.03.2010  at  
Installation Performance
7€ (‹26y 6€)
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SILVIA PLATZER - BEYOND installation and performances


beyond an installation-performance by silvia platzer

a multidisciplinary composition inspired on the puppets of agnes de man

a space in which our oldest generations and ancestors become visible and audible,

inviting the audience to experience their stories, their existence

concept and realisation silvia platzer
puppets agnes de man
photos and video christina clar
sound framework fabrice moinet
coaching performance mioko yoshihara
coaching space design (regard scénographique) marie bénédicte baubin

opening hours installation sunday 14th - thursday 18th of march
sunday 14th 13h-18h
monday 15th to thursday 18th 15h-20h

sunday 14th 14h and 16h
monday 15th 15h and 19h
tuesday 16th 16h and 19h
wednesday 17th 17h and 19h
thursday 18th 18h and 19h

duration of the performance is 20 min,
the daily performance will evolve over the week
entrance 8E, reduced price( under 26) 6E

Listen to sample :

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