PRATTYUSH BANERJEE - Sunday lunch concert
25.04.2010  at  12.00 h
Indian classical music (tabla & sarod)
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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PRATTYUSH BANERJEE - Sunday lunch concert


Lunch 12H-13.15H Brasserie Horta (Comics Museum)
Concert 13.30H Art Base

Prattyush Banerjee is considered a worthy successor of his master Buddhadev Dasgupta. He discovers ever new dimensions with the sarod. His inventive technique and broad musical sensitivity give him the flexibility to harmoniously combine new elements with the tradition of classical music. Thus, he reproduces the complex vocal tappa-style on his instrument.
With Prattyush Banerjee, music is not a means but a goal in itself. No sentimentality or exagerated pathos, no pretentious fireworks. When he plays, the raga is king, in a thrilling way.

On tabla: Ashis Paul

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