MYRDDIN DE CAUTER - Contemporary flamenco guitar
10.06.2010  at  20.00 h
Flamenco guitar recital
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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MYRDDIN DE CAUTER - Contemporary flamenco guitar


Myrddin De Cauter is the youngest son of the famous Belgian multi-instrumentalist Koen De Cauter. Under the wings of his father he learns, at a young age, to play the clarinet( mainly jazz and Gipsy style).
At the age of fourteen he discovered flamenco guitar and was struck by the richness and originality of this musical culture.
After learning the foundations from his father and studying classical guitar in Belgium he went to Spain to take master-classes with some of the greatest flamenco names: Manolo Sanlucar, Gerardo Nuñez, Rafaël Riqueni, Enrique De Melchor.
Through the years Myrddin has mastered a phenomenal technical virtuosity, but his first concern has always been to reach the depth of music.
The last few years he's also been arranging and composing and he is making a reputation as a composer of contemporary classical music, with some big projects under his name already.
It is probably his variety of interests and influences that created his own original and unique style of contemporary flamenco guitar music.After beginning as (mainly) a solo artist he released his first Cd in 2001 called 'Imre'.
Myrddin is now performing with several bands and has become a vested name in the flamenco world of Belgium. In 2006 his second album 'Novar' was released.
During this concert he will present his solo repertoire, which consists of his own creations of 'contemporary flamenco'. http://www.myspace.com/myrddinmusic

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