COLOURS- Azarakhsh Farahani
02.05.2018  at  18.00 h
Art Expo
COLOURS- Azarakhsh Farahani


Every year, at every corner of the U.S., my fellow countrymen strive to get themselves to Los Vegas for their holidays. During Obama’s period, under the pretext of visiting my old grandfather, whom I had only met once, I managed to get a travel permit to the U.S. When I got to Vegas, I found out that if you took away the light and color from this city, nobody would ever want to waste their dollars there and get back to work happily the next day. The atmosphere of Tehran in my childhood resembles a Vegas without colors. However, aside from money and dollars it was the life of the civilians which were also the chips to gamble with. My tiny little ears in those days, were sensitive to the sound of missiles, sirens and bombs. Everyday there was a house being wiped off the map and the schools becoming less and less crowded until they were completely closed. And I was drawing. Worse than today, the country was under most severe international sanctions; and on the back of those scrap paper I was keeping my “colors” alive. The war came to an end, yet “colors” were still banned. Wearing a colorful t-shirt would easily have you end up in the court and the inquisition. The sanctions gradually became lighter and I could manage to draw on regular paper. To this day I have never let “my colors” get lost in that dismal, grey tunnel. ‘Cause still, “Colors” can get you into trouble. However, for a fews years, I’ve come to realize that since childhood ‘till today, there have many like myself who have kept on to their “Colors”.

Azarakhsh Farahani, born in 1981, is a musician, illustrator, and actor based in Tehran. He earned a B.A. degree in general painting from Azad University in Tehran in 2005. Azarakhsh has been producing music for the last 16 years, and is the founder of Koochneshin Band.

Between 2006 and 2009, Azarakhsh Farahani was an experimental and professional cartoonist at several Iranian publications including Abrar, Fath, Aftabgardan, Chista, Keyhan Karikator, Tanz-o-Karikator, Jelveye Honar, Soroosh-e-Nojavan, Ayandehsazan, and Aban, among othres).

Vernissage : 2 mai 2018 18-21h
Visits : 3 ,4, 7, 8, 13 mai 14-18h

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