BRRRAKA - Andalusia and Cuba united in a Belgian band
15.10.2010  at  20.00 h
Latin, funk, rhythm, tapdance
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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BRRRAKA - Andalusia and Cuba united in a Belgian band


Brrraka is Andalusia and Cuba united in a Belgian band. These 9 musicians have been playing together for 4 years, adding tango, bossa and rumba touches to an essentially flamenco and 'Cuban son' repertoire.

Elise De Vliegher (La Guardia Flamenca) and Dimi Dumo (Les Øffs) alternatively sing lead vocals on Wouter Gorissens Spanish guitar, while Luc Van Steertegem (trumpet) and Dirk Poels (solo guitar) improvise on well known Spanish and Caribbean themes. Kris Van Daele (bass), Juan Calero (cajon), Michel Bazzoni (conga) and Peyo (timbales) provide the most explosive rhythm section one can imagine.

Brrraka will astound the listener with its smooth diversity, its Latin fire and its elegance. Who can resist Elise de Vliegher's Sevillan tapdance in the midst of a Buena Vista Social Club classic? Don't hesitate! Come to see and rush to listen to this unforgettable event.

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