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Explore the modal system of makam through the practice of singing with Duygu Alkan and Vanessa Kourtesi.

Classical Turkish & Greek Music

Μakam is the modal system which is used in the Ottoman ( Classical Turkish) musical tradition, from the 16th century onwards.
Starting with a brief historical and social review, we will try to understand the way that this system is structured as well as the basic elements that it consists of.
Intervals, modes, ornaments and stylistic elements will be described in a both theoretical and practical level.
As the voice is a point of reference for the musical system of the makam, this workshop focuses on the modal system of makam through the Ottoman classical singing repertoire.
Breathing and singing techniques will be also mentioned.
The workshop is beneficial to both singers and instrumentalists. In the old times, as we talk about an oral tradition, it was important for the instrumentalists to be able to vocalize the repertoire and the ornaments in order to play them on the instruments.

And improvisation! The pinnacle of the makam musical tradition is the concept of the taksim. Improvisational techniques and methods will be described.
The workshop is given by Duygu Alkan (voice) and Vanessa Kourtesi (voice).

What will be treated:

Makam, history, theory, intervals, ornamentation, stylistic elements, singing techniques, improvisation.

Participant Level: All levels are welcome
Language English, Turkish, Greek

Participation per person :30 Euros
Contact & Registration:
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Phone number: +310616901871

Duygu Alkan is a singer, vocal coach, improviser and conductor from Izmir\Turkey. After her study on Business and Economic Sciences, she enrolled at the Ege University, State Turkish Music Conservatory ,the Department of Voice in Izmir and majored in Classical Turkish Music. While her study, she started to perform in Middle Eastern and European countries. Also she started to work as a vocal teacher at the Conservatory of Suleymaniah (Iraq) on voice technique within the Classical Turkish Music theory. She graduated with her MA studies at Codarts, University of Arts Rotterdam. After and during her study at Codarts, she started to work as a vocal coach/music teacher and conductor in various schools and choirs in Netherlands. She gave workshops on vocal technique and Classical Turkish Music and Makam theory in Belgium and Netherlands. Duygu performed in various international festivals and venues with multiple languages( Armenian, Kurdish, Hebrew, Arabic) such as Rasa( Utrecht), Paradiso( Amsterdam), Theater Dakota, Saad Abdullah Palace Conference hall( Iraq), Ahmet Adnan Saygun Concert Hall (Turkey), Izmir Ataturk Culture Centre (Turkey), Newlands Festival, Amsterdam Literature Festival, Zurich Festival ,The Kurdish Cultural Festival( Cologne), Anywhere the Wind Blows, North Sea Round
town Festival, Operadagen Rotterdam.Also She participated with her quartet to the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble in Den Haag at Zuiderstrand Theater.
Awards: Solo singing performance Championship in Antalya - Turkey by Ministry of Culture Solo singing performance Championship in Nevsehir- Turkey by Ministry of Culture Solo singing performance second prize in Ankara- Turkey by Ministry of Culture.



Vanessa Kourtesi
Born and raised in Athens, Vanessa got involved with singing from an early age. After she graduated from high school, she started studying modern singing exploring the possibilities of the human voice and aiming to address the voice as a musical instrument. Since 2010, she has been the lead singer in various music ensembles and as a result she has practiced and performed the traditional and folk music of Greece, especially Rebetiko, in live concerts in many concert halls in Athens. She has also experimented with other musical traditions of the world like Portuguese Fado, Gospel and others. Her curiosity and love for music and singing led her to study in the World Music Department of Codarts Conservatory of Rotterdam, specialized in modal music. She lives in Rotterdam since 2017. She has participated in several musical projects, such as the “Sunday narratives”, a project of original compositions and adaptations, “The Circle Orchestra”, an international music band with Greek/ Turkish/ Armenian and French roots, “Serenade ensemble”, Rotterdam based band that explores the music of Greece and Turkey. At the moment she is performing in Greece, Netherlands, Belgium and France.  She has also participated in album recordings, as a guest singer. She has performed in big theaters of Athens as a member of a professional choir, participating in a variety of musical and theatrical performances.
She is also a graduate from the School of Law of the University of Athens. However, her love and passion for music and singing led her to different paths; paths that involve music, melody and rhythm. For Vanessa, the journey of singing and learning how to sing is fun and enjoyable. It is a journey of discovering your body and learning from it. Mind, body and voice are always connected and we have to make them collaborate.  Voice is a magnificent instrument that reflects our thoughts, personality, character and psychology. By learning how to use it in a healthy way, we can express ourselves in many ways, be creative and most of all, enjoy!


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