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Paraphrasing Vinicius de MORAES, a great figure of Bossa Nova, « Life is
the art of the encounter ». And it was this « art » that allowed the duo
to meet each other.

While Vitor GARBELOTTO's guitar and Roberto DE OLIVEIRA's trombone cross
the same ocean departing from Brazil, it is nevertheless in France that
they become partners and created this musical duo.
The northeast trombone and the south guitar represent a plural Brazil.
Whether it comes from the warm virtuosity of the guitar or the rhythmic
breath of his trombone’s partner, the duo invites us to a sweet journey
with the best of Brazilian flavors, in a mix of complementary, opposed,
composed and dynamic chords.

GARBELOTTO et DE OLIVEIRA, bring with them all their influences, from
the classical to the popular music, submerging the public in the
Brazilian’s universe throw original compositions as well as the greater
works by the Brazilian masters such as Radamés GNATTALI, Raul de SOUZA,
Baden POWELL and Tom JOBIM.

VITOR GARBELOTTO is a guitarist, composer, arranger and poet. An
emerging figure in contemporary Brazilian guitar, he has dual graduation
in classical and popular music, which allows him to move fluidly from
one universe to the other with great intimacy with his instrument. With
several recorded albums, Garbelotto has built a solid international
career, sharing his passion for music in different stages, in countries
such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Denmark. As a guitar
virtuoso, his versatility allows him to participate in the most diverse
projects. Whether it is Brazilian music, classical music, jazz, French
songs or even theater, Garbelotto and his guitar form the bridge to a
rich experience in the Brazilian cultural universe.

ROBERTO DE OLIVEIRA is a Brazilian author, composer, arranger and
multi-instrumentalist from Fortaleza (Northesast Brazil). In 2009, he
settled in Lille and founded the Association AÇAÍ of which he is the
artistic director. Roberto studied trombone at the Centro Educacional
Padre João Piamarta (great Italian school, located in his hometown).
Upon his arrival in France, he continued his studies at the
Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Lille in classical trombone
under the direction of Christian Bogaert. As multi-instrumentalist, he
also plays the mandolin, the cavaquinho, the guitar, the flugelhorn and
other percussions.

In 2017, he launched his first albun entitled "Sertão". This original
Brazilian instrumental music project, which is based on forró (but also
on soul and jazz), has its roots in a trip made in 2015 in the arid, dry
and wild lands of Northeast Brazil.

In 2018, he founded the first Lille Choro Festival, a cultural and
scientific event including master classes, concerts, conferences,
screenings and exhibitions. And it was also when his Trio Caldo de Cana
launched its first albun "Sentindo Bem" (Feeling good).



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