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Born and based in Tehran , Saba Alizadeh is an unparalleled figure at the forefront of contemporary Iranian music. Saba is deeply rooted in Iranian classical music and a virtuoso on Kamancheh but at the same time he is curious about the notion of tradition which is the reason that makes him a multi talented forward thinking composer/performer. Alizadeh subsequently studied experimental sound practices at California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles.
Saba began expanding his musical cosmos utilizing different instruments and methods of composing. Apart from Kamancheh (his main instrument),no-input mixer, modular synthesizer, laptop have been the main instruments that Alizadeh has created his sonic cosmos with.
Saba also uses a lot of manipulated historic audio recordings and field recordings in a musique concrete fashion. Treating sound as an object has always been Alizadeh’s fascination.
Saba's musical career branches into two different paths (which in some projects collide).
One is Saba as a virtuoso on kamancheh ,a soloist and a collaborator.
The other is Saba as a musician in the experimental realm in which his pieces also tend to have a
social/political context to them. "Alizadeh's compositions evoke both the personal and the political through the use of mixed media, electroacoustic processing and improvisation”
“Alizadeh’s level of control of both the traditional and technological aspects of his music is clear from the outset. What results is a beautifully fragmented exploration of internal space, which often wanders between the contemplative and the neurotic” written by Charlie Cawood in Songlines magazine on Alizadeh’s debut album. Saba has been performing since age of 18 , he has done many collaborations and numerous performances. Just to name the latest would be his collaboration with Hossein Alizadeh(his father),Christoph Rezaei(Nour Ensemble), The Land trio(he was a co-founder),Andreas Spechtl, etc.
Saba was also recently invited to the Flow festival (Helsinki) and Archipelago festival (Reina Sofia museum ,Madrid) Alizadeh also is the founder of “Noise Works” , a platform since 2014 for educating and performing electronic/experimental music.
Saba’s latest animation score for the film “The Musician”directed by Reza Riahi which was short listed for 94th Oscars awards,  won the music prize for Fimucite and Tofuzi Fesivals in 2021.
Saba is also an internationally acclaimed photographer.His latest series "Light & Soil" has been exhibited all around the globe in such cities as Tehran,Moscow,Paris,Kuwait,London, Washington D.C and etc along side acclaimed artists such as Shirin Neshat.



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