Trio Nestor Tomassini
14.11.2008  at  21.00 h
Female Argentinian Tango Performance
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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Trio Nestor Tomassini


Nestor Tomassini – Hernán Reinaudo – Ananta Roosens

After 20 years of touring through Europe with his band ‘siglotreinta’, the Argentinean master of the clarinet ‘Nestor Tomassini’ will come back with his new program ‘tango para bailar y escuchar’ (‘tango to dance and to listen’). In this program, Tomassini goes back to the origal sounds of tango, where the bandoneon didn’t exist yet, and where a normal instrumentation could be ‘clarinet - guitar - violin’. Based on the old tradition, but with new impulses, the new program sounds very fresh and very danceable. Since a few years, he’s forming a duo with the excellent guitar player ‘Hernán Reinaudo’. Most of the pieces which will be heard, come from their first album together, called ‘De Corte Antiguo’, varied with some own compositions by Tomassini and Reinaudo. In Buenos Aires 2008, they met the Belgian violin player ‘Ananta Roosens’ and together, they gave a concert in ‘la scala de san telmo’. In september-october-november 2008 they’ll meet again, this time in the European theatres and milongas...

for audio/video, go to www.nestortomassini.com.ar

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