EXPO - Michail Moscholios
17.04.2008  at  
Romania keeps walking


Michail has been working several years on “Europa Mia”, a dynamic photographic process trying to track the changes of the Europeans in an urban environment. Inspired by the work of H.C.B., Garry Winogrand, Robert Frank and the other photographers of the American "school of street photography" he uses the camera in an intuitive manner, capturing impressions spontaneously and finds the right moment to “click”.

Michail’s latest exhibition in ArtBase uncovers streets, people and reveals to the public the new face of a country still to be discovered. Detecting the old prestigious identity of Romania, uncovering its hidden creative energy blooded in a new plastic future, Michail freezed a moment that will never come back as Romania keeps walking.

Born in Piraeus, Greece, he studied in Romania, and has been living in Brussels for the last fifteen years. He has an infinite passion for everyday life moments, especially in street photography, and has been awarded several times. (Prix du public, 2e prix du jury - Ixelles 2005, 1er prix RP couleur 11.2005, 2e prix photo couleur CE 2005).

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