EXPO - Ismini Bonatsou, Natassa Poulantza, Maria Chatzilampou, Adonia Vakondios, Katerina Rouka
28.02.2008  at  
Coulour Stories


Five women artists representing the Greek contemporary visual scene are conversing from the walls of ArtBase Gallery in Brussels, inviting viewers to join this dialogue of colour, not as receivers but as interactive players in their story. Ismini Bonatsou, Natassa Poulantza, Adonia Vakondios, Maria Chatzilambrou and Katerina Rouka each domesticate their specific palette of colours and style proposing a distinctive visual experience through digital photography, painting, monotype and fusion. The exhibition focuses on the expression of colour as an important element of the Greek contemporary and emerging visual art scene and puts a highlights the importance of women’s vision and artistic expression.

Ismini Bonatsou surprises the viewer with her bicolour harmonies based on pastel shades, proposing an inventive and unusual visual statement. Her key feminine solitary figures trapped in an intriguing game between shadow and light, a transformation of the double sides of existence, contrasting a sugary “bonbon” twist to the absolute black. While this teller of “shadow games” proposes to experience the sense of void to a perfect balance, Natassa Poulantza captures the power of the nature scene to produce portraits as silent, yet expressive, fine monotypes of remarkable directness. In a way, she seems to converse with the past and the present, associating “the truth of what is real and the practice of freedom”, as Baudelaire says in The Painter of Modern Life and Other Essays. The contrastive concepts “optimism/pessimism” are called forth in order to show that they are two sides of the same coin, with heads or tails played years ago.
Maria Chatzilampou chooses to remove the human figure from her work, associating this absence with the earth and the colors with her tree portraits. “If I was a tree, I would be something like that.” I would have roots as deep as I am tall, as visible as some of my leaves left on my arm branches. And what tree would you be?
On the other hand, Adonia Vakondios states as her source of inspiration the technique, a memory game between the heat and the liquid state of glass, a world of fusion where colours and medium have only one purpose: to diffuse light.
Katerina Rouka, the youngest, new talent in the exhibition, mixes photography into digital art to offer passionate and vivid, large, colored pieces. Woman figures brought up into the light, naked, full of emotion. Captivating and passionate work that seems finally and openly to liberate the key feminine figure throughout the exhibition.

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