EXPO - Jef Bertels
22.11.2007  at  


A few words about my work: I have always had the urge to express my imagination visually. It's not so much about illustrating a made-up story, but rather about finding a strong image where picture and anecdote are inextricably linked.
Sometimes I come up with a theme, and while making sketches I look for a composition that transforms this idea into an image. But equally often I simply start painting, inspired from a visual drive, and the story grows as I improvise. The fact that my work can be said to belong to the 'fantastic' genre and that it is technically rather elaborate and detailed is a matter of temperament, not of primary intention. The outcome is the expression of my fascination for the organic complexity of the world, of the cosmos and of known or unknown creatures. I am not so much looking for the essence of things; I actually experience them through my work. I create paintings, not movies or comics (which are generally more associated with this genre), because it gives me the opportunity to work quietly and start a new adventure with every project, free from the constraints of a given story or a recurring character.

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