«Art Base Flamenco Festival» part 2: PURO -- José Ligero
04.04.2009  at  21.00 h
Canto flamenco
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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«Art Base Flamenco Festival» part 2: PURO -- José Ligero


José Ligero is a full-blooded trianero born in 1972 within a family of artists, well-known for his uncle Miguel Ligero.
From his earliest childhood, his father and other masters living in Triana taught him to sing the canto flamenco in its most authentic form.
José moved with his parents to Brussels at the age of thirteen and is singing professionally now for about ten years.
He has become a very popular and highly appreciated flamenco artist who is much in demand, singing as well solo as in smaller or larger ensembles. He performed in Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland etc
José Ligero masters all flamenco palos and coplas. With his pure husky voice he succeeds in interpreting martinetes, seguiriyas, fandangos and especially the soleá de Triana in the typical style of the old singers from Triana.

The musicians

José Ligero- vocals
José Toral- guitar
Serge Dacosse- base

Listen to sample :

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