Sandip Banerjee & Bert Cornelis
20.07.2008  at  21.00 h
Indian classical sitar music
15€ (10€ for students under 26 and jobseekers)
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Sandip Banerjee & Bert Cornelis


Sitar player Bert Cornelis is an institute of Indian music in Brussels. He followed a life-long Guru-Sisha training with the famous sitar master Pandit Ashok Pathak. Bert Cornelis just returned from a grand tour in India where he was received with much enthusiasm and highly estimated by his colleague-musicians. He appeared in many different places, with a public ranging from 100 to 15.000 persons. Sandip Banerjee is a professional tabla player who followed 20 years of advanced training under his guru Pandit Sanjoy Mukherjee. Thanks to his solid and soulful style of playing, his graceful accompaniment and his powerful solos he is well known in India and appears regularly on TV and radio with the country’s top recording artists.

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