Daniel Drexler and Javier Cardellino- 'Micromundo'
14.05.2009  at  21.00 h
'Intense-acoustic performance', electro-pop
12.5€ (reduced 7€ students and jobless)
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'Micromundo' is Daniel Drexler's fourth album. It was recorded during the last months of 2008 in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Madrid and Barcelona.
Micromundo is a production about uncertainty, trying to see modern uncertainty as an inexorable reality of the current times, and also as a source of opportunities and pleasure.
Daniel Drexler sings and plays electroacoustic guitar, using loops and other guitar effects.
Featuring with him is Javier Cardellino, an Uruguayan drummer who also plays many other instruments and sings on stage.
Together they give a kind of 'intense-acoustic performance'.


‘Only some centuries ago, humans believed the universe to be stable, and the earth was thought to be the exact centre of it.
But in the first half of the XXth century the subatomic world was discovered, as well as the exterior space. This was a fast and huge change into two extremes, which totally transformed our perception of the universe and of life itself.
Today we think that the universe expands and that we live on a planet in a small galaxy, amidst hundreds of millions of other galaxies.
Science is not deterministic any more. The relativity theory and the uncertainty principle saw the light. Mystery, intuition, and magic are not any more the exclusivity of religion and art: science came much closer to life. Quantum fysics told us about the parallel existence of multiple universes, almost at the same time that Borges wrote 'The garden of our crossing paths'.
And uncertainty became part of our existence. Uncertainty in our job, relationship, philosophy, economy, religion, stock exchange.
We learned to understand that chaotic systems can generate order. Every day we use computers that compute ever more aspects of our life, and still no one can explain exactly why they get 'stuck' every now and then.
Very confidently we fly in planes tha stay in the air thanks to chaotic turbulence that is generated under the wings.
'Micromundo' is a CD about the multiple universes I live in. From the microworld of a night in a Stockholm disco to the small city parc in Montevideo. From endless to zoom, from quark to milky way, from the microcosmos of paternity to the expansion of space spiral circles.
From waiting at airports to the sunbed on the Rocha coast.
Micromondo is above all a CD about uncertainty, and in particular about the need and possibility to conceive uncertainty as a source of vital pleasure.’

The musicians

Daniel Drexler- electroacoustic guitar, vocals
Javier Cardellino- percussion, vocals & more

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