Tango singer Hernan Genovese from Buenos Aires
26.06.2009  at  21.00 h
Female Argentinian Tango Performance
15€ (10€ for students under 26 and jobseekers)
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Presentation of his CD 'Barajando'

Hernan Genovese, a young singer, composer and poet,will visit Brussels to present his CD Barajando, with tango's, milonga's, walses and tonadas.

He has performed in the largest theatres and tango scenes of Buenos Aires.

Hernan Genovese won the 'Certamen Huge del Carril'- competition in 2005 and is considered to be one of the most innovating talents of the new generation.

On his CD 'Barajando' he sings with legendary musicians as Attilio Stampone, Raul Garello and Colacho Brizuela.

His mature voice, colorful articulation, very careful choice of songs and his inventive own compositions are a fascinating new contribution to the tradition of Argentinian music

The musicians

Hernan Genovese- vocals
Pablo Alessia- guitar
Roman Vergagni- guitar

Listen to sample :

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