AISHA AND VICTOR - Tango dance performance
04.09.2009  at  21.00 h
Argentinian Tango
15€ (10€ for students under 26 and jobseekers)
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AISHA AND VICTOR - Tango dance performance


Aisha and Victor are two performance artists from different backgrounds.
Aisha has Polish origins and became a citizen of the world, and Victor is
Argentinean, from a family of popular tango dancers. Their life is marked
by tango. They live in Buenos Aires in a house with dance studio where
they receive students from all over the world, and they spend 6 months
every year touring and dancing. Each year they visit over a dozen European
countries, this year Belgium is amongst them.
Victor is an architect who gave up his architecture studio to devote
himself entirely to tango. Aisha is a linguist with 10 languages, an
undeniable advantage in teaching and during workshops and traveling.
Their dancing style, their choreographic ideas and their teaching are
based on a continuing research of new artistic expression and
intercommunication. In that spirit of fusion of dance and music they
created the dance composition Tangomorphosis, which really represents
their own story. It is the transformation from one to another spirit,
style, life, and occupation. In this story, everything ends in tango
This performance has been inaugurated at the World Tango Summit( Cumbre
Mundial de Tango), in Patagonia, where Aisha and Victor where sponsored by
the Polish Embassy in Buenos Aires. Now they are bringing their
performance to Europe( London, Wales, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland,


Aisha and Victor have a profound understanding of the body( Aisha uses her
experience in yoga, modern jazz, classical ballet, and flamenco), and
concentrate in their workshops on teaching how Argentinean tango can be
danced by anybody, using the personal capabilities of every individual.
Once you have mastered some of the basic techniques necessary for dancing
at any milonga,
you will start appreciating the dance more and more, and see that the same
basic principles apply at every level of difficulty. This is one of the
reasons why Argentinean tango is so special.
Even if you are a beginner in Argentinean tango, you will learn the basics
fast and enjoy Aisha and Victors dancing, talking and good company.
They are usually described as charismatic, they are very accessible,
and...they speak French.
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