DÉBORA RODRIGUES & JOÃO ESCADA - The art of traditional fado
11.04.2010  at  19.00 h
Fado castiço
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DÉBORA RODRIGUES & JOÃO ESCADA - The art of traditional fado


The art of traditional fado with DÉBORA RODRIGUES – JOÃO ESCADA
Today most of the Portuguese fado concerts in Europe represent what in Portugal is called ‘o novo fado’, ‘the new fado’. Some also call it ‘organized fado’, because often there isn’t any room for improvisation left. In the small ‘casas de fado’ or ‘fado houses’ in Lisbon, fadistas and musicians continue passionately to cultivate the famous ‘saudade’ and to perform the most difficult forms of improvisation. This style of fado will also be presented by the musicians in this concert.

JOÃO ESCADA - fadista
João excels in singing the ‘fado castiço’, improvising amazingly, and mastering perfectly the subtle art of choosing the right fado at the right moment.

After seven years as a professional fadista in one of the most famous fado houses, ‘O Faia’ ( with Beatriz da Conceição and also António Rocha from the project ‘Tears of Lisbon’ of Paul Van Nevel and his Huelgas Ensemble), Débora went on to sing in other well-known casas de fado and she is now much invited abroad.

FERNANDO SILVA – guitarra portuguesa
Fernando works as the official guitarra portuguesa in ‘O Luso’ (where today one of the fadistas is nobody less than Celeste Rodrigues, the fascinating 80 year old sister of Amália Rodrigues who has developed a fado style of her own and is still considered to be a great lady of fado).

ANA LUISA – viola de fado
As the only member of the group to be born and living not in Portugal but in Belgium, Ana Luisa started to sing fado some 15 years ago, and today mainly plays the ‘viola de fado’.

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