VINYLIO- Rebetiko
07.05.2010  at  20.00 h
Rebetiko- Greece blues
15€ (10€ for students under 26 and jobseekers)
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VINYLIO- Rebetiko


'VINYLIO' is a classic rebetiko ensemble with an old style pear-shaped bouzouki, guitar and def. Their singing intertwines into different lines of first and second voice, thus creating a surprising and refreshing sound that reminds of Marika Ninou and Vasilis Tsitsanis.

'VINYLIO' has a vast repertoire, ranging from old Café Aman songs to Manolis Chiotis and later, when the rebetiko tradition had gained general recognition and was performed in rich neighborhoods, expensive clubs, in the movies and on TV. This new rebetika group has an original, true to the origin sound, and a repertoire that gets very exciting by colorful improvisations and rhythm changes. Maria Spyroglou- voice, def***Giannis Sarris- voice, bouzouki***, Hristos Sarantidis- voice, guitar.


The musicians

Maria Spyroglou- voice, def
Giannis Sarris- voice, bouzouki
Christos Sarantidis- voice, guitar

Listen to sample :

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