JAZZ MARATHON REBETIKO - Greek blues night with Vinylio, Takis Mendis, Skafari
29.05.2010  at  20.00 h
Rebetiko- the Greek blues
15€ (10€ for students under 26 and jobseekers)
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Rebetiko is a Greek underground music genre that started in the beginning of the nineteenth century. While playing the musicians take much freedom in the introductions, improvisations ( 'taximi's') and singing, which goes with the free and rather wild character of this music.
Bouzouki, baglamas (mini-bouzouki), and guitar are the prevailing instruments.
Vinylio and Takis Mendis are established names in the rebetiko scene.
Skafari is a new group that presents rebetiko songs translated in Dutch, called 'Nederbetika'.

The musicians

Maria Spyroglou, Giannis Sarris, Hristos Sarantidis,
Takis Mendis,
Dimi Dumo, Karsten de Vilder, Frans De Clercq

Listen to sample :

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