EXPO - Ruvanti
24.05.2007  at  


Ruvanti's computer virtuosity creates a breakthrough in the traditional forms of multimedia and graphic arts. We can see the results of Ruvanti's mastery in "staged photography", video and digital image-creation, where the artist paints and draws directly on the computer.

Ruvanti's work touches upon themes such as the ruthless unmasking of the misleading lies that rule our civilisation. We are attached to strings, manipulated like yo-yos by those who are in a position of power. We are forced to accept what goes against our will, yet, in all desperation, courageously denounce the process in these times of international break-up and warfare.

While unmasking the world as a permanent circus featuring fake clowns, Ruvanti invites us to perceive his work as a game, as art which springs from the continuous dynamics of technique, resilience and impetus. From behind the game, rises the human comedy, against the backdrop of which, man –you and I- acts his part, as Shakespeare so eloquently put it.

Frans Boenders, 14 / 3 / 2003.

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