EXPO - Haralambos Katsatsidis
26.04.2007  at  


Haralambos Katsatsidis presents his paintings in the Brussels gallery Art Base.
A parallel show is being held in two galleries: one in Art-Base, Brussels and one in Titanium Gallery, Athens.
The exhibition, entitled “No Concept – No Ideology”, is about art itself and the way it is thought about. For the last twenty years, Katsatsidis’s paintings have broken away from the common ideological and conceptual concerns of recent artistic expression.
Transparent liquid oil colours relate to opaque hard-edged areas. Figurative formations ranging from simple to complex create a new painting space where nearly everything is possible.
Athens, Paris and London-educated artist Haralambos Katsatsidis, who has also lived and painted in Norway, Sweden and now Belgium, gives his insights into the importance of painting in Europe.
The Brussels-Athens show “No Concept – No Ideology” features paintings about Art, which some think is already dead..

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