EXPO - Eleonora Stol
23.11.2006  at  


Many of Eleonora’s paintings are like fragments, remains of bodies well-nigh devoured with lust. Which in an elegant , freshly composed form attest to the eroticism of the feast. They are moreover the maps, the steps, the soul of dance (tango).
Red is the basic colour, the instantaneous signifier of passion, its baroque provocative character rendered in expressionistic mode. Exploring her work you take the time to probe it to the depths of your soul, with passion and a relentless pugnacity these works are forged, until they emerge from a critical detour to assume their rightful place on the wall.
Eleonora’s mode of communication is the sharp antithesis of a technologically flawless world of talking robots and machines whose blood runs cold; in pursuit of speed and purpose.

Anton Martineau, 1998

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