EXPO - Eizo Sakata
12.10.2006  at  


Eizo Sakata presents his two distinct worlds of painting and ‘aburidashi’.

Aburidashi are art works created with fruit juice. They become visible when heated by flame, as in the Japanese children’s tradition of secret letter writing. Sakata uses brushes dipped in juice, as well as pieces of fruit or vegetables directly rubbed onto paper, thus establishing an essential encounter and dialogue with products of the earth. The artist describes his approach in these drawings as ‘actively passive’, always ready to receive creative sources from the outside world.

Eizo Sakata’s paintings, though finished works, are at the same time testing grounds, where highly varied motifs, colours and materials meet, symbolising the richness of the world in which we live.
In these works, the artist brings together a variety of images as they occur to him, rather than following a pre-established plan, here again practicing his philosophy of being ‘actively passive’.

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