EXPO - Guillermo Martin Bermejo
06.07.2006  at  


A white trail ploughing through the blue sky. The beginning of a voyage, a project, a love affair. Goals to avoid falling into self-destruction. Games escaping our childish screens to create parallel realities outside the established norm, perhaps so as never to abandon one’s voluntary marginal existence and to forget the hallucinations of what lies close at hand.
And when it is drawn, always autobiographical, one feels calm, fulfilled. Not unlike childbirth or an orgasm.
Paper and pencil, wooden boards, stickers, sculptures, dolls.
It all comes together to tell how happy I am in the reality I have created for myself and for whoever wishes to walk with me or to flee with me. And it is in these flights that we invent expectations, so as not to forget the taste of a kiss on our lips.

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