EXPO - Gonny Stuut
02.04.2006  at  


A face with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, sometimes two ears. Some heads have a decking or a collar, with no clear history. They cannot be called portraits in the strict sense; the personages are not models or real individuals. Yet they may be identified as people we recognize, inside or outside ourselves. They are portrayed on a strictly square surface, usually front-on, occupying their own space and against a plain background, which is sometimes clear and other times vividly present. There is no distraction by other pictorial elements such as objects or perspective. Restriction of imagery to the face and background, with the eyes at the epicentre, heightens the sense of intimacy. Transfixing, mysterious gazes reflect — and reflect upon — the viewer through their multiple layers. The images stare back and question; the viewer remains constantly engaged.

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