Trilogia Cubana with REY CABRERA (part 2)
25.04.2009  at  21.00 h
Poesia y musica - Poetry and music
15€ (10€ for students under 26 and jobseekers)
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Two parts:


Rey Cabrera reads poetry by Nicolás Guillén (Camagüey 1902 - La Havana 1989)

Nicolás Guillén is one of the most famous Cuban poets in the XXth century. He was a child of mixed race, the son of a printer. After his highschool education he studied law, became a lawyer, then a journalist. His poetry speaks about race, about respect for one another, about refusing to accept injustice, about imperialism and colonisation.
He got involved more and more in the struggle to protect the poor and oppressed. In 1937 he left Cuba and enrolled with the Spanish republicans in the Spanish civil war.
After the Batista coup he lived as an exile in Paris from 1952. Then, after Fidel Castro's victory, he went back to Cuba and was proclaimed national poet in 1961.
Several of his poems have been orchestrated by the singer Paco Ibáñez, such as Soldadito Boliviano, a poem on the death of Che Guevara. This song conseuently had an enormous succes in 1969 with the youngsters in Europe, Che Guevara being a revolutionary model for the revolting youth in the late sixties.
The poetry will also be read Dutch and French translation.


B. Rey Cabrera's 'OTRA FACETA'

Presentation of Rey's new Cuban music-poetry project called “OTRA FACETA”

Rey Cabrera is well-known as a SON-music genre ambassador.

With "OTRA FACETA", the maestro now invites you to discover other Cuban music genres like Changui and Nengon, through compositions of his own.
Even though these genres have existed for ages, they are less known and will be surprising and innovating to your ears.
You'll enjoy a magnificent eye-opening Cuban musical event!


Rey Cabrera, tres & vocals
Humberto Gonzalez, guitar & vocals
Renato Mora, percussion menor & vocals

General text about Rey Cabrera

Rey Cabrera was born in Oriente, the “montes” surrounding Santiago de Cuba. He inherited the love of “musica campesina” from his father. As a young boy, Rey mastered the Cuban guitar, the “tres” with 3x2 strings, and started singing the traditional Cuban songs. He began his musical carreer with his “Trinchera Agraria”, the band he formed with Eliades Ochoa, Maria Ochoa and Benito Suarez. They where broadcasted every night on the Oriente radio “CMKC” and gained a real celebrity status in this province. Later Eliades Ochoa went on with his Cuarteto Patria and with the Buena Vista Social Club, Benito Suarez became Compay Segundo’s guitar player, and Rey Cabrera joined the Vieja Trova Santiaguerra, and consequently created his Trio Oriente.
We have the chance to have Rey Cabrera in Belgium now, where he continues presenting his cultural tradition. As a real creative artist he also makes his own compositions and sets up new projects like 'Otra Faceta', to show the less known Cuban music to the public.

In the 'Trilogia Cubana with Rey Cabrera' we take the time to present all the colours of this great musician and his fascinating background.

Listen to sample :

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